About sivi

Why should you choose Sivi? What do we do differently?

Components inside high performance computer

High-Performance custom-built Computers

We build custom PCs. At SIVI, building custom computers has been our passion for over 15 years. Our objective is simple: designing and building PCs as per our clients’ needs. Our reward: pride in a job well-done and an ever-growing list of impressed clients. We design our computers as per the following core values:

  • Clean builds: organized wiring, optimum airflow, best cooling
  • High quality builds: high quality and high performance components
  • Optimized design: engineered smart design
  • Long-lasting computers: extended life span at peak performance

Quality assurance

We test each computer fully before releasing it to you. We also perform a benchmark test and provide the results (report) with the finished product to ensure that the PC will run the way it is meant to.

Details are us

You want the USB ports to be on top? The tower must absolutely be white? You do not want a single light to blink on your PC?

No problem. We are into details - we want you to absolutely love your PC, as much as we loved building it for you.

PC upgrades

Looking to upgrade your existing units? We will run a full diagnostic of your PC and suggest upgrades, including cleaning (wires and dust), performance enhancements, and adding more recent technology.

Come see what next-level looks like.


Core technical values

Clean builds

Building a high-performance computer does not equate putting things together to make it work. It goes way, way, way beyond at Sivi.

Our clean wiring process ensures all cables are not in the way of critical airflow. We also position all fans to streamline the airflow in the case. This provides optimal cooling, thus granting performance and longevity.

PC Assembly

High-quality builds

Thanks to years of experience, we have learnt which brands make reliable components, and which not so much. We use the exact components which will provide the long-lasting performance you need within the cost bracket you are aiming at. We do not cut corners as to quality, or longevity.

SSD, RAM, CPU, Motherboard

Optimized smart design

We diligently engineer all our builds. We pre-plan to detect all potential compatibility issues that may arise before starting. We also verify all bandwidth sharing devices and ports within the computer. Providing a sub-par performing PC due to lack of optimization is out of the question. Furthermore, we will leave you room to upgrade your PC in the future.

Approved check

Long-lasting computers

We select components and design the PC with longevity in mind as well as performance. We aim for the lowest voltages, lowest temperatures and lowest rotational speeds, for the maximum performance.

This way, everything is running comfortably below its maximum design parameters, thus significantly extending the operational life of your PC. And should you want to push your computer’s performance even further, you will have plenty of room to do so.

Build the perfect PC for your needs

Exactly what you need to perform at your best - no more, no less.